The FSD holds the Second EU-Israel Strategic Roundtable in partnership with the EPC and ELNET

The roundtable focused on the shifting strategic balance in the Middle East, and explored EU, Israeli and Arab interests on a new regional strategic cooperation in the making.  Participants analyzed security threats and evolving coalitions in the Middle East,  mapped challenges and opportunities, and  pondered if the ongoing shifts could revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. More...

The  Mission  of  the  FSD

The Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD) is an informal platform that facilitates high-level strategic dialogue between Europe and Israel. The FSD provides a forum for Track "One and a Half" diplomacy, beyond the constraints of formal intergovernmental relations. The FSD fosters open communication that encourages participants—senior governmental officials and leading experts—to develop breakthrough ideas which enhance bilateral cooperation and relationship-building.

Be assured that France is deeply attached to the development of the strategic dialogue with Israel, to which the FSD brings a valuable contribution.

Laurent Fabius, France's then Minister of Foreign Affairs

The NATO-Israel Cooperation Event is timely and it is critical that like-minded nations have a frank and open discussion on how to come to terms with a more challenging security environment than ever, how we can work together more effectively to meet new risks and threats, and how we can provide greater safety and security for our peoples.

Amb. Alexander Vershbow, then Deputy Secretary General, NATO