Why a Strategic Dialogue?

The effectiveness of current contacts between Europe and Israel can be improved and there is a need to better understand each side's culture, values, experiences and perspectives. The FSD provides strategic vision without a political agenda, beyond the constraints of formal intergovernmental relations to produce effective change and trusted professional relationships that endure beyond the annual strategic dialogues. The FSD provides a private and secluded venue for high-level European and Israeli policymakers and experts for informal interpersonal exchange on issues of national security where close coordination is essential.







Silvan Shalom , then Israeli Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior  and Philippe Errera, Director General, DGRIS, France's Ministry of Defense, at the Sixth France-Israel Strategic Dialogue


Initiated in 2010 as a first of its kind, the unique France-Israel Strategic Dialogue has taken place annually and has become a major event on the French-Israeli foreign policy calendar. The FSD  organizes this event  in partnership with FRS (Fondation pour la recherche stratégique) and INSS (Institute for National Security Studies), with the endorsement of DAS (Delegation for Strategic Affairs)


The France-Israel Strategic Dialogue has become a unique vehicle for informal deliberations between the French and Israeli governmental elite as well as independent experts. As an evolving platform and a framework for on-going working relations between participants, the  Dialogue has engendered strategic partnerships and navigated more intimate and in-depth discussions.


The Sixth France-Israel Strategic Dialogue enabled 30 of the most prominent government officials and policy experts from Israel and France to discuss the most critical international and national security issues in Europe and the Middle East—the Syrian-Iraqi crisis and  Islamic radicalizationIran, the Gulf States, Russia and the US in the Middle East; the  Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as  Intelligence forecasting in a highly unstable and dynamic strategic environment. The Dialogue took place in October 2015  against the backdrop of a  wave of terrorist attacks across Israel and the West Bank and  Russia’s increased intervention on the Syrian front.

Ladies-only panel on ISIS and Islamic Radicalization at the  First UK-Israel  Strategic Dialogue  with from left to right:  MK Dr Lt. Col. (ret.) Anat Berko,  Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee;  Shimrit Meir,  CEO, Link;  Emman El-Badawy, Senior Analyst for MENA, Centre on Religion & Geopolitics; and  MK Ksenia Svetlova,  Alternate Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee